DIY Bath Bomb Recipes

10 Most Fabulous DIY Bath Bomb Recipes Ever !

I just love bath bombs, who does not. I have been crazy about making them. Over the holidays or weekends I always try my hands out on creating these bath bombs. Over the period of time, I have collected some of the best bath bomb recipes from around the internet. As always pinterest have been the best source for ideas like these.Give yourself the most relaxing and luxurious bath at home using these bath bomb recipes.

So what will you need to create these bath bomb recipes you asked. Well you will not need a lot of ingredients to create one you love. The base thing you will need is a bath bomb mould which is quite inexpensive and you can get it form amazon or your local department store. You will need ingredients like essential oils you love, baking soda, citric acid or corn starch depending on which recipe you are using to create a bath bomb.

bath bombs recipes


Here are the top 10 most fabulous DIY bath bomb recipes ever. Choose the one which you like the most and start making it.



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2. Lemon Vanilla bath Bombs

Lemon Vanilla Bath Bombs

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3. DIY Cupcake Bath Bombs


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4. DIY Lavender Bath Bombs


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6. DIY Epsom Salt Bath Bombs

Epsom salt Bath Bomb

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7. DIY Moisturising Bath Bombs

moisturizing bath bombs

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8. Tie-Dye Bath Bombs

bath bombs recipes

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9. Hot Cocoa Bath Bombs


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10. Green Tea Bath Bombs


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